Hello, I’m Kelly Olson

Interior design is my calling, stemming from a lifelong love
of beautiful architecture and stunning interiors.


Before there was Pinterest, there was me, my scrapbook, and a pile of magazines.

I still have that scrapbook somewhere, filled with bits and pieces of inspiration – from furniture to accessories, fabrics and fixtures.  Some people have a passion for sports memorabilia, music, books… I have always loved interior design. When I wasn’t clipping pictures of beautiful spaces, I could be found organizing and re-arranging mine and and my friends’ rooms – you know, just for fun.

It wasn’t until my late-twenties, after college and a career in the corporate world, that I made the shift toward pursuing interior design as a professional calling – and I’m so glad I did!

After obtaining my Master’s in Interior Design (MAID) from Harrington College of Design, I mentored with one of the most sought-after designers in NW Illinois, bringing my natural design eye and book smarts together with real-life design scenarios.  It was during this time that I had the great opportunity of creating some really beautiful and eclectic spaces for clients with the guidance and expertise of an industry veteran.

In 2014, I decided to open my own interior design practice and have never looked back.

I pride myself on my keen attention to detail and eye for functionality.  I am also a great listener, and enjoy working closely with my clients to truly hear what it is that they are seeking to accomplish with a given space.  Taking into consideration inspiration, comfort, and function, this process of exploring creative design solutions is one of my favorite aspects of this job.